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Updated: Apr 20, 2020


2019.. You were good to me, but now it's time to say a fond farewell.

I've loved & I've lost (Drake, 2012), turned twenty-one, attended the spectacular Cannes Film Festival, consumed an unhealthy amount of independent-cinema, founded a company with an exceptional family of individuals, presented for The BBC & witnessed the incredibly disappointing conclusion of a certain HBO fantasy show (the one with the dragons).

I'm proud of myself and of those around me, if you couldn't tell - but will I ever be truly satisfied? With some really big and exciting projects planned in the New Year I couldn't be more ready to burn myself out all over again.

Moving forward, I intend to dedicate 2020 to honing my craft as an artist. Bury the ego and discover more about myself - What stories do I want to tell as a writer? What emotions do I want to evoke as a director? Implementing a more introspective outlook on life has made me more conscious of my flaws as both a creative and an individual. Nevertheless I believe adamantly that recognition & acceptance are the first steps on the journey to self improvement... and boy am I ready to improve.

If you're expecting some profound piece of advice or a message of clairvoyant wisdom, go read a self-help book or watch a TED talk. Seriously, those things are fire. I suppose one thing 2019 has taught me is that not everyone is going to like you and that's ok.

Time to shoot more film, watch more film, and make more film.

Hang in there kid, we're almost there.

2020, let's be 'avin you.


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